Double Broadcast Epoxy

Double Broadcast Quartz System

A seamless, double-broadcast polyaspartic quartz system for interior/exterior use designed for maximum durability and ultimate protection. Multiple layers of colored quartz are broadcast into Poly-Shell Clear and top-coated with Poly-Shell Clear for added protection and chemical resistance. This ultra-durable system is available in standard and custom quartz color combinations.

The Double Broadcast Quartz System offers a robust solution suitable for a wide range of environments, from high-traffic commercial spaces to areas demanding enhanced durability. Its seamless design, coupled with multiple layers of quartz and top coatings, ensures not only a stunning aesthetic but also formidable protection against chemicals and wear.

Common Applications:



Loading Docks

Machine / Maintenance Rooms



Locker Rooms

Rest Rooms

Ready to transform your space with the Double Broadcast Quartz System? Connect with our team to explore customized solutions for your specific needs. Whether it's for a cafeteria, kitchen, loading dock, or any other application, our experts are here to guide you through the process. Reach out today via phone at (630) 862-8342 or drop by our office in Naperville, Illinois to discuss your project and receive tailored recommendations.

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